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We are pleased to guide you through our inspiration. The shop as well as our home are part of the experience. As you can see the house is built in the traditional local farm style of Limburg, Holland’s most southern county.
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Lignum Antiquum
+31 (0)77 - 463 8090

The farm is located within quiet fields and we have a wonderful garden which shows another part of our work: garden design. The love for the space around us; whether inside the house or outside, that’s our passion. And we have the honour to be an official wedding location: people can marry on our premises, and for those weddings we create a unique, personal event that will be remembered forever.

We are what we do; we travel to Belgium and France to collect ubiquitous pieces for our collection. With just a few inspiring objects we create a personal atmosphere; that’s why the shop belongs to our home and vice versa. We also stock some of the most inspiring fabrics and furniture from Italy. Our collection is ever-changing, so have a look on our website regularly. Even better is to come and visit us!. We will be delighted to meet you in person.

Yours, sincerely, Marly & Wiel Geurts.


Lignum Antiquum, antique & garden decorations
Broekhuizerweg 36, 5871 AC Broekhuizenvorst, The Netherlands

Tel: +31(0)77 – 463 8090 and +31(0)6-38 5029 38 (mobile)


Lignum Antiquum

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